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does anything in the world look happier than sidewalk chalk?
Church callings are funny things.

They push me out of my comfort zone, and teach me things I doubt I would have learned otherwise.  It's a struggle, but a rewarding one.  Especially when I see the reactions from people who have known me for quite a while.

"Wait, you got up before eleven on a Saturday?"

"Wait, you baked?  Actually baked home goods from ingredients?  In the kitchen?"

"You seriously sat in a room full of 10-year-olds and didn't have a break down?"

Why, yes.  Yes I did. I still have a lot of growing to do, but I'm getting more comfortable with the whole process. 
I decided I really like kids at this age.  The girls at least.  Boys seem a bit out of control.  These are a few of the girls I teach in Sunday School and for Activity Days.  They're hilarious.  I'm always surprised by how much attitude and personality they have.  Now anyone who walks past our apartment can learn some very important lessons along the way.  I know I have.

These lessons include but are not limited to, "Don't play with matches," "Be happy with yourself," and "Don't smoke."  Incredibly wise. 


  1. "Be happy with yourself" has to be the best advice ever. That's pretty important stuff! :) I love the chalk drawings. :D And baking sounds fun. I can't cook anything, but I wouldn't mind learning to make some cookies!

  2. sometimes it's just the simple advice. i hope these make some busy people smile today.


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