I used to view this time of year with great resentment.  It's difficult to explain.  But I found, this year in particular, that I was allowing a few undesirable circumstances I had been through previously to soil the rest of my life.  

That just doesn't seem right to me anymore.  It doesn't seem fair to myself.  I refuse to give those wretched little haunts that kind of power.  At least, now.

Earlier today, I was listening to Frank Sinatra's version of Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas (because this version is the only one that needs to exist, in my opinion), and I noticed that line above, it seemed, for the first time in my life. 

Let your heart be light.

In spite of the cold.  In spite of the past.  In spite of finances or disagreements or whatever it may be.

I'm letting my heart be light.  And I hope you do the same.

**Background image found on Pinterest, of course.  Print created by me.


  1. I like what you did with that picture! Beautiful!

  2. ah, letting go and having a light heart at Christmastime, there's nothing like it. here's to your lightheartedness. <- isn't that a great word? :D

  3. hmmm this is too good. This time of year always brings up dark thoughts but you're right, we should try our hardest to keep our hearts light and our minds at peace. Happy holidays to you

  4. I am so glad you are allowing yourself to be happy. :)

  5. Letting go isn't easy... I hope one day I get there... any inspiration helps... I hope you have a great weekend ;)

  6. It's funny when you take the time to really listen to the lyrics of a song and you have all these epiphanies afterward. I never truly recognized "let your heart be light" as anything other than a convenient half of a rhyme before, but you're so right. :) Beautiful. Have yourself a merry little Christmas!

  7. this is such a lovely little post. i want that phrase to be my motto for life :) i hope you have a good december.


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