La Gloria

Have there ever been so many pictures?  The answer is yes.  I took hundreds.  

Until last week, I had never been outside of the US.  Probably Tijuana isn't the most common place to start but it was mine.  Because I've decided to start taking opportunities rather than rejecting them simply because they don't look exactly like I anticipated in my mind.

When you think Tijuana, you think of The O.C. and Seth Cohen saying, "It's pronounced Teehooahnah!  You're so white, mom."  And Marissa getting completely plastered and almost dying in a sketchy alley way.

Or perhaps that's just me.

Either way, we didn't go to get plastered.  Even though I understand why you would assume so, that's the reason I go most places.  (Sarcasm.)  But in reality, we went for reasons of a humanitarian nature.

And I could go on about, oh, the humble living situations, and how astounding it is to see people with so little living so happy and how it was all such an eye-opener and how the flow traffic in that country makes no sense but seems to work due to what I can only assume is taco magic.  Because tacos are just that - magical.  And did you know you can't even find burritos in Mexico?  Apparently we made those up.  But I sort of feel like going into the whole experience of this trip would somehow exploit or cheapen it.  

So, it sufficeth me to say that...what?  I don't know.  That my idea of beauty and success have been challenged in a very good way.  That acting out of love rather than fear brings incredible things.   That service is truly what humans were made for.  

Service and tacos.


  1. I do think of that when I think of TJ. Obvi.
    I want those tacos.
    And this sounds like something I'll have to take Lo to do when she's capable.

  2. oh my gosh. unexplained beautiful. i want to see more. please don't hesitate to share. wow. you're an amazing writer. you're an amazing photographer. you don't give yourself enough credit.

  3. "acting out of love rather than fear brings incredible things."

    this. ohmygoodness, yes. i'm saving that and making a graphic for my bedroom so i can always remember this.


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