"what a thing to be a witness to the sunshine."

Life is a waiting line.
At the mercy of
stop lights.
You'll never make it on time.
Get reserved, get comfortable.
Might as well get comfortable.
It's all just a little too comfortable.

A congested rush,
for your convenience.
This is the price
of convenience.
Poor mutilated trees,
make room for electricity.
Your whole life just a
bright little screen.
Updates automatically.
Did you ever think
maybe cities
were meant to sleep?

I planned to quit this job
years ago,
but we're planning on a remodel,
I shrug,
start another episode.


  1. Love your shots! They're so home-y and warm feeling. I get your words, it's hard to do something extraordinary when life just won't allow it. Hope you figure it out <3

  2. Man I really find myself missing your words sometimes. You have such a natural and compelling voice. i love this. And feel this.

  3. sunshine makes me want to start over too.xx

    dreaming is believing


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