I'm feeling grateful. For well-needed breaks. For warm weather, sunshine, and SPF 30. For the ability to hit the road and just go. For a reliable car that has proven itself time and again by not overheating or blowing up on the way.

Also, I'm feeling really, really itchy from this obligatory sunburn. Curse my fair-skinned heritage.

But ultimately, as I sit here in my own home on my own bed, I'm grateful for a fresh perspective. Basically, for all of the things that make me happy to stay.


  1. glad you guys had a good trip! i'm totally feeling you on the obligatory sunburn too. aloe gel is a pale girl's best friend.

  2. Aloe Vera for life! It had been too long since your last post. I must say. Withdrawls.

  3. Your suit though. You look the best all the times.


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