This weekend, there were rainy days with delicious, gloomy, low-hanging cloud cover.  There was me, painting Beatle's lyrics on my nightstand, because I've never been able to resist putting words on things.  There was a napping kitty, and a general sense of slowing down.  There was Sunday morning raspberry jelly toast with the world's most perfect cocoa for two. 

About the cocoa, I'm not kidding.  I wanted a cocoa maker for Christmas, but didn't end up getting one.  As it turned out, my aunt so happened to have an extra that she never uses and gave it to me. 

See?  Sometimes you just get what you want.  That's a Megism.


  1. This rain and sun mixture has been PERFECT. Sunday was so so so lovely. I actually felt warmed by the sun today on the top of my hand and I wanted to melt into a puddle of happiness. Spring is coming for us finally!

  2. Kitty is so photogenic! I didn't really know about these so called cocoa makers. I've been craving decadence though. Which is a bad craving because soon they will engulf me. And I don't have any decadence around....

    1. i would so bring some to you if it wouldn't be completely worthless by the time it got there!

  3. sometimes you do get what you want, and it's everything you wanted it to be.

  4. low hanging cloud cover + gloomy colors are so magical sometimes. this weekend was beautiful.


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