and then came November

- belaboring the whole of me with a force that I've found only winter to possess.

Picture some somethingness. Any something you like.

Then picture a sheet of nothingness engulfing the entire scene. Or a dense fog coming to swallow it all up.

Picture what it looks like when you drop dark food coloring into water. Or a steeping tea bag that steeps and steeps until it's steeped all over everything that once was until it all becomes murky and dark.

That's the only way I know how to describe the state of my inner space this past winter. Which isn't unusual. But the extent of it was.

In the dialogue of my life, the question of "what's wrong?" followed by the answer of "I don't know" became outrageously overused.

After trudging through the thick of the thing that was nothing, I realized that it's February now. And probably about time I at least started wearing mascara again. (Though not pictured here.)


  1. I get really annoyed of blogs that exist for the sole purpose of categorizing outfits and tutorials on "how to wear sweaters in the summer". This is all to say that I'm glad we're cyber friends and probably would be real friends in real life and I'm glad that you're smart and you say things that actually mean other things and I just think you're a really great human.

  2. "How to wear sweaters in summer" haha! You always know how to point out things like that with perfect honesty and wit. You call it like it is and don't put something on a pedistal just because it seems like you should. It makes my day whenever you give me anything close to a compliment. that you even read my stuff is a miracle to me. So thank you! I feel the same about your blog. And I really think we need to get lunch one day!

  3. Yeah I feel like I haven't gotten ready since about October. Whoops. Sorry winter is the worst. I got read for the first time in a long time yesterday and realized that it's almost March. We are nearly out of the haze!

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful mind as usual, Meg. I sure like you.

    1. Thank you, Emma! That means a lot. And I'm really glad to know I'm not the only one who never gets ready these days.

      I like you too.


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