Recently, I read that spending time with those who don't know you well allows you to know yourself. I spent not even 24 hours without Drew last weekend. Not even an entire day resided between the time we kissed goodbye and said hello again.

It wasn't that I felt lonely or had a hard time of it. I was with people who I'm more familiar and comfortable with than most. We were texting practically the entire time anyway. But one thing did become clear:

That I need him.

It isn't simply that I'd very much prefer him to be there. I rely on him now, to laugh at my jokes and act impressed when I can name what song is being played in a loud restaurant where you can only just hear the bass line. As if that's an olympic event or something. I need him to help me make fun of nasaly teenage girls and to finish my tacos when I just can't. Which is every single time.
Though I still struggle to conclude what I am or am not, I have found evidence of this: That I am him and he is me.


  1. This makes me excited for marriage.

    Also picking out songs in loud restaurants should be an olympic sport because I am also unnecessarily good at that.

    Tightrope to the Sun

  2. That quote at the top was eloquent enough to just strike me where it needed. I have been thinking so much about that and I think it rings so, so true. Amen to all of this.

  3. I agree. I feel like this all the time without my husband. I can go on my day with out him when I go to school and work, and I can function and all that, but in the end when we are together again I feel more complete and better.

  4. That's beautiful! I can't wait until I have someone who knows me that well, that I need and needs me. Love! True love haha :)

  5. i hope to have this for the rest of my life.


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