To you.

There are certain individuals whose presence make me feel that I am, no doubt about it, the funniest or smartest or most interesting person in the world.  Words flow without effort.  I go literally hours without second guessing myself once, which is proof that modern miracles do exist.

And then there's you.

The sort of person who seems to suck the substance right out of me upon arrival.  By the time you leave, I'm feeling about two feet tall.

My current recovery time for merely breathing the same air as you is several weeks, minimum.

How does this happen?  I'm very curious to know.   Is it something you're oblivious to?  Or are you telling me that you do it on purpose?  Are you really just the kind of person who likes to see other people squirm?

Because that seems rude.  And rude is something I don't anticipate understanding.


  1. bleh. those people. :p
    this was written perfectly, somehow you always manage to say exactly the things that i've felt for years.

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  3. that last comment was utter jibberish (smartphone my ass) you are interesting to me. I thoroughly enjoy (and giggle quite often) reading your words. if you know me well at all you know, I love coffee and hate rude people.

  4. People who make it their sole purpose to rip others down make me so sad. How miserable must that person be to make us all feel so low? (This is me trying to be an adult and have understanding and sympathy or whatever. I hate them.)

    Tightrope to the Sun

  5. Everyone has these people in their life. And you try to explain it to other people and are bombarded with "he's not *that* bad" and "I'm sure they're not trying to be hurtful" but you know. You know deep down they are and you wonder how other people can't see it too.

    Or maybe that's just me.

    1. Definitely not just you. That's exactly what I mean!


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