big, money-sucking yule tide head

At some point in the future that I'm sure will come much quicker than either of us anticipate, we're going to look back on this as the first winter we spent together in our new (old) house.  The winter that I started referring to in my head as The Great Freeze. 

The winter that your car inspection and registration was due.  The winter where our water bill came back for four times the amount it usually is, and we freaked out about it a little bit.  Especially when we couldn't find the leak and figured out, a little late, that we had been watering our lawn with culinary water all summer long.  Rookie mistake.  This will be the winter that my car decided not to start.  Not even when we tried to jump it.  Where the windshield wipers in the other car stopped wiping as we sat in the Petsmart parking lot, kind of at a loss because why is everything breaking right now? 

The winter where way too many things stopped working and needed to be paid for, right as Christmas reared its big, money-sucking yule tide head.  Where the little tree we used in our one bedroom apartment last year looked sort of pathetic in our front room with the tall ceilings.  But this was really the least of our worries.  And tall ceilings are a good problem to have, right?

The winter with the Saturday that snowed and snowed for a whole entire day.  And so I forced you to come to the park with me and take pictures because you just can't let the only beautiful part of this season go to waste. 


  1. Great pictures! Sorry lots of crazyness has happened in your life. Hope things get better for Christmas!

  2. Love these pictures, I hope this winter ends better than its started

  3. wowzers. that's quite the eventful winter you're having! all we have is snow..and ice. and more snow..nothing happening. just snowing, and icing. :p
    (i kind of love it, though;))

  4. aww i love this! those pictures are so cute! you two are unreal adorable. i feel like i have these moments all the time throughout the year. it sucks in the moment, but when you look back on it later you find yourself laughing, and being grateful that you were able to get through it, and come out on top.

  5. Geez Meg, it really is the great freeze isn't it! Can't catch a break! I need to stop reminding myself that winter has only just begun.

  6. What is UP with this snow? I think I'm going to freeze to death this winter. Wasn't it just 50 degrees last week?! I have to ask where you got your boots. I wasn't expecting this kind of snow this year, and I'm in desperate needs of boots.

    1. Those boots are seriously saving my life! I got them at Ross last year...which is probably not very helpful. They're Bearpaw boots. I feel really awkward about the fur, but then I walk through snow like a BAMF and think, "Yeah, totally worth it."

  7. These are phenomenal pictures. You both look so good. I feel like life always decides to work like this. Everything goes perfectly and then it all goes to HELL. But that means that soon it will all go perfectly again.

    Tightrope to the Sun


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