remind me again.

It's going to be seven degrees tomorrow night.  Just seven.  It's been snowing since last night and the storm is showing no signs of mercy.  Just getting into my car, let alone driving, let alone moving at all is much more difficult than what I consider to be reasonable.  Putting on extra layers, then taking them off, scraping windows, feeling the cold settle inside my bones where it will claim residency for the next several months.  Simply existing during this time of year is obnoxious. 

So, other than for the hot cocoa and whipped cream, remind me again why I live here.  In this place where winter exists at all. 


  1. In this place, where winter exists at all. Too good. It's cold here, but not snow cold. I'm scared though. Especially if it's there, then it'll probably creep up here soon. I hate the feeling of artificial warmth. You know? It's comforting, but not that comforting.

  2. remind me again why I moved away from a place where people spend their sunny holidays to a city in northern europe? I have never ever even seen snow.xx

    dreaming is believing

  3. I feel you.
    And I have no idea.

    I hate cold.

  4. eeshh. that sounds dreadful and makes me really thankful for bipolar missouri weather!

  5. Yep. Yep. Cold is in my bones until April. At least I still think it's beautiful for the first few snows. I give myself until Christmas and then I shall be truly miserable.

    Tightrope to the Sun


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