where i've been.

By far, one of my very favorite parts of road trips is the ample amount of time there is for reading in the car.
Which is boring of me, but not uncharacteristically.  Because that's typical.  Of me.  To be boring, I mean.  The people I work with have started referring to me as Meghan, the girl who hates fun.  

As far as Disneyland goes, I think my favorite part would have to be the corn dogs, and all of the twinkle lights.


  1. for SURE the corn dogs are the best part of disneyland. i'd get an annual pass again just for one of those overpriced bad boys on a weekly basis if my health allowed it haha. and i really envy you for being able to read in the car - i get so sick, i can barely look down at my phone to send a text, which means road trips for me are pretty much primarily for singing my lungs out. also you are gorgeous and your husband's beard is magnificent as usual.

  2. That picture of our hubby by the pirate ship is perfect. It looks like he is the captain of the mighty vessel. Reading it the car is absolutely the best part of a road trip. More than likely, reading is the best part of anything at all. I moved into a new house last weekend and so far all I've done is read if various spots around the house.

    Tightrope to the Sun

  3. Well, I have the most fun with you. Sooooo...I don't know what anyone else is talking about

  4. love the pictures! I am also a very boring person. I kind of enjoy it though.

  5. That's one of my main reasons for loving road trips too. Seriously. I also love that you're reading harry potter in the picture.
    And hey, if being a bookworm is boring, then, I'm proud to be boring. wooooo

  6. I don't think reading in the car is boring. I wish I could do it. I get so sick.


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