warm nostalgia.

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eyes wide open 
through the night, 
never enough sunlight. 
sleeping through the morning 
most everyday.  

we greet a cloudless sky, 
make our way outside. 
we had one meeting place, 
for a few months after May.

an unlicensed drive, 
try to outrun our lives.  
perfect song on repeat.  
I couldn't tell 
what it would mean to me. 
but we kept up a decent pace, 
for those few months after May.  

you wonder if it will be this way.  
next year, the next day.  
wondering how long we'd last 
on nothing but sun rays.  
living only for the summer, 
never counting days.  

it wouldn't be this way. 
but we kept it up like no one could,
for those few months after May.


  1. this is so good, meg! i've just started getting to the age where i go driving with friends. i have a set of friends and out of us only one is a licsensed driver and we hardly see each other but i can imagine one day it will be like this.

    i love how i've never actually 'related' related to this but yet it makes me feel like i can almost. your words never cease to amaze me. xx

    1. once you can all drive, things get pretty fun! you can see each other much more often and there's just freedom. but I'm glad you still feel like you can relate, it's mostly just about a nostalgic summer with people I don't really talk with anymore. thanks Natalia!

  2. Love this!

    "you wonder if it will be this way.
    next year, the next day.
    wondering how long we'd last
    on nothing but sun rays.
    living only for the summer,
    never counting days. "

  3. It's brilliant. All of it. So good.


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