How does war connect to your concerns about TV, especially reality TV?

The Hunger Games is a reality television program. An extreme one, but that's what it is. And while I think some of those shows can succeed on different levels, there's also the voyeuristic thrill, watching people being humiliated or brought to tears or suffering physically. And that's what I find very disturbing. There's this potential for desensitizing the audience so that when they see real tragedy playing out on the news, it doesn't have the impact it should. It all just blurs into one program.And I think it's very important not just for young people, but for adults to make sure they're making the distinction. Because the young soldier's dying in the war in Iraq, it's not going to end at the commercial break. It's not something fabricated, it's not a game. It's your life.

-Suzanne Collins

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  1. wow that gave me goosebumps. and i have to agree with her, i myself even feel like i'm desensitized. like every time i hear of another tragedy on the news it barely registers just how horrifying it is. I wonder where we're all headed if we feel this way

    xo Marlen
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