The older I grow, the less I like peanuts.  The less I enjoy parties.  The less I'm drawn to anything even remotely competitive.  I've grown out of likes, dislikes, relationships, and several outfits.  

But naps.  Sweet mercy.

I doubt I'll ever grow out of those.


  1. It's like you knew what kind of day I was having. GAH. <3

  2. Psst I forgot to add: email me about the "Tell Me" series so I can email ya back. :) I think you were interested?

    sassyerbear [at] yahoo dot com :)

    1. Definitely! I already sent an email a little bit ago. Did you not get it?

    2. I got it now! Sorry!!

  3. that's ironic because i've grown out of naps (for now at least). when i was in school, i'd come home everyday and nap, but now i hate naps because i feel so groggy and gross after - more tired than before. but i am 100% a nap supporter even though they don't work out for me ;)

  4. hahah there's always enough room in a day for a quick cat nap, isn't there? though i have to say, after one i just feel like being a fat cat and lounging on the sofa all day =P

    xo Marlen
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