I'm supposed to make and frost sugar cookies tonight, and take my cat to the vet for booster shots that I'm convinced don't really cost as much as I'm paying for them.

But I want my cat to know that I love her.  And what better way to say "I love you" than taking her to a strange place that reeks of other animals to have her fecal matter tested and needles stuck in her neck?  Yeah, I think she'll feel the love.

I would also like to make social plans I have in mind a reality.  But if I can't get those cookies cooled, rolled, baked and frosted, this may not be possible.  The cookies are stressing me out because I procrastinated making them, and I'm realizing that I don't have half of the things needed for baking in my house.  Also, I've never ever made sugar cookies and frosting by myself in my entire life.

Yeah, brah.  I'm legit-ly stressed about cookies.

Maybe I'll just go buy those pre-made sugar cookies that you find in really-difficult-to-open plastic containers at the front of grocery stores.  You know, the ones that taste like playdough that I don't think anyone really eats other than my mother and I? 

It's the thought that counts, I think. Though I've started to become more and more doubtful of that statement with age.

Will someone remind me to wash my hair and pluck my eyebrows before I fall into bed tonight?


  1. I'm glad someone feels the same about baking/cooking crap. Go buy the play dough cookies. I love those things!

  2. i'm *rarely* in the mood to make cookies..i enjoy mixing everything up. but when it comes to putting them in the oven and remembering to set a timer so they don't burn? yeah, not to good at that part.
    and, is that a cello? i love cellos, i have one that i really need to play more.
    yay for another kitty pictures! :D

  3. Nothing beats those pre made sugar cookies. I can murder a whole plastic container of those in no time.

  4. That first photo is beyond gorgeous :) Love it. And I would just go with the Publix brand! They're yummy.

  5. Hey, looooooooving your blog! I found it through Noni's :) Nice to meet ya. You and your guy are too cute. Can't wait to read more.


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