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In honor of the grand month of love, Jessica over at The Lyons Den recently wrote a few posts about she and her husband.  I loved it so much that I decided to dig up this old draft that I had in queue and post the sucker.  Be sure to pay Jessica's blog a visit - she's hilarious as well as stylish and I guarentee you'll enjoy yourself.
-The first time Drew told me that he loved me, I didn't say it back.  What I said was, "Thanks..."  I know, how rude.

-We do not remember the first time that we met.  But did a lot of dating...around each other in high school.  That's right, he's kissed some of my old friends/acquaintances.  I have no problem with this because we weren't even involved at the time. But when I run into these girls in public places, I have to work hard to keep my mind from repeating, "You kissed my husband...you kissed my husband..."

-The conversation before our first kiss went something like this:

        Drew-  "Meg, I'm so terrified to kiss you."
        Me-  "Why is that?"
        Drew- "Because it's been two years and I'm out of practice and I've liked you since high school."
       Me- ...*Really lame and sheepish and nervous giggle*
       Drew- "But...what the hell, right?"

-That kiss happened on the first date to see Explosions in the Sky.  My very first first date kiss ever.  And last, I guess.

-He says that he's seen me as someone he could marry ever since he knew me.  I'm not sure if this is the truth or if he said it to make sure I stuck around.  Either way, it worked.  I'm still here.

-The day I decided I would marry him I was on a road trip to Las Vegas with some gal friends.  I don't generally enjoy Las Vegas, but we had to see Bright Eyes.  You understand.  Anyway, my car broke down in Kanosh.  Where even is Kanosh?  Drew showed up like a gallant knight in shining armor to save us damsels in distress.  Who could resist.  I also figured that his family must be pretty awesome considering that they lent us, a group of twenty-something girls, their car.  (And maybe this meant that they liked me a little and could possibly deem me worthy of their perfect son?  It was a long shot, but I was hopeful.)

-One time, while we were, uhh, courting? he had a dream that he shaved his beard, and woke up afraid I would break up with him.  I wouldn't have, I promise.  I only would have cried for a few hours.  Kidding.

-Drew is the first boy I've dated that my mother ever liked me with.  That's when I was sure something must have been different.  My mother is a tough critic.  Or maybe I just dated clowns.  It's probably a mixture of both.

-We basically fell in love in bowling shoes.


  1. This is so great!
    I love every bit of it.
    But especially, "We basically fell in love in bowling shoes." :)

  2. Awe Meg you are so sweet to mention me in this post. Im so glad you wrote your story too. I really enjoyed reading it. You two are so perfect.

  3. I love these little details! Y'all have such an adorable love story :)

  4. Okay, but seriously you guys are a match made in heaven! I'm so glad you ended up with someone that is perfect for you, even though I'm secretly ticked you didn't end up my sis in law! Ha ha. But really, you guys are adorable together. Way cute post! I LOVE hearing people's love stories. So fun:)

    1. Haha oh Rachel, I'm not going to lie. One of the things I was most sad about when Rick and I didn't work out was the possibility of you and I being family going out the window. But don't tell anyone!


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