minor breakdowns and an epic fail.

I know you're all wondering.  As in I'm sure that all twenty of my followers lost a considerable amount of sleep over this one question this weekend:

How did the sugar cookies turn out??

It means a lot to me that you're all so concerned.  Friday night, husband and I took Boba kitty to the vet.  She really hates her new cat carrier.  Afterwards, we stopped at Gandolfo's to get some din din, because I had cookies to make and heaven knows I am simply not capable of handling more than one kitchen-related project at a time.  We left my car behind Gandolfo's and rode in Drew's car to my parent's house, where I planned on making the cookies because my mom has actual baking supplies.  And, heaven knows, I don't really have any.

When we arrived at parent's house, we realized that the house was locked, and the garage door opener was in my car which we left at Gandolfo's.  After some whining on my part, Drew was able to find a way in after about ten minutes of standing in the cold with a meowing kitty.  Once we were in, we realized that there were no eggs.  After more whining on my part, we placed all of the baking supplies we needed in a laundry basket and hauled it to our house, where there were eggs.

Once we got to our house, I realized that I left the recipe for the cookies at my parent's house.  After a minor break down, I looked one up online and all seemed to be okay.  Then we realized that my car was still at Gandolfo's.  Another slight breakdown.  We left in Drew's car to go get my car.  Once we got to my car, I realized that I had left my car keys at our apartment.  After a slightly less minor breakdown, we headed back to our apartment.

After a few minutes of searching, we concluded that my keys were in fact not at our apartment, but most likely left at my parent's house.  We promptly headed there.  Once we arrived, we realized that we still didn't have the garage door opener, and couldn't get into the house the way we had formerly, because we made sure to secure it this time.

So, just to be clear, we couldn't get into my parent's house to get my car keys because we didn't have the garage door opener, which was in my car, which we couldn't open because we didn't have my keys.  And I still had to make these freaking cookies. Following?

After a considerably ridiculous breakdown, I called my mom.  My brother was with her and said that there was a spare key under the mat, which never happens.  But thank heaven it did in this case.  So, we were able to get into the house, found my keys, went back to my car and drove home. 

What about the cookies, you ask?  They were a major failure.  The dough was too dry to roll, so I just bought some the following morning.  Yes, after all of that trouble and emotional drama, I just bought the dang cookies.

Here are some pictures.


  1. It's comforting to hear about other's breakdowns, to know I'm not so crazy. But I'm not happy to hear about you having breakdowns. And I love you.

    1. Oh you know about me and my breakdowns. haha one of the many many ways we relate so well. I love you too and miss you!

  2. I'm sure while all this happened, it wasn't funny {uhh, breakdowns. never. are.}
    but to be honest, it all cracked me up.
    i guess i'm warped. :)
    i am sorry to hear that your cookies {after all that dang trouble} didn't turn out well :( it always makes me mad when my cookies fail. :p

    1. I definitely was NOT laughing while it happened, but it's funny by now. haha I'm glad you agree and caught onto the humor.

  3. I agree with Noni... I totally laughed too. I'm sorry! Haha. It was an entertaining story, but in a sympathetic way because I hate when stupid things like that happen. Oh well, at least ya tried :p


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