stress eating.

You know that feeling you get after examining the countless aspects of your life and you realize that you need to improve
and be better
and work harder...at every single one of them?

But that's way too overwhelming of a project to even try to come up with a tackling plan for, so you just go get a 3 Musketeers bar and frantically pound it down, outer-chocolate-shell first?
Me neither.

Seriously though, I've always had this sneaking suspicion in my head that, somewhere between childhood and adolescence, something in me sort of disconnected.  Some vital plug lost touch with a crucial outlet, and here I am.  Dysfunctional and unable to complete tasks that the vast majority of people seem to be able to do in their sleep.  When all I want to do is sleep.  Sleep sleep.

Just, why does everything have to be a jigsaw puzzle?  Why can't I paint by numbers?


  1. There is nothing wrong with you! Everyone has shortcomings, I'm just glad you found the right way around them... CHOCOLATE. The last two lines in this post are profound and I couldn't agree more.

  2. this is so so me. love it. and i love your blog so much. i found it through my good friend noni's blog. your style of writing is what i dream of writing like. humorous, deep, simple, but profound. however, when i'm in the situation you wrote about, i usually choose chips. chocolate just isn't my thing. and that last sentence... finally words for the life long brain dilemma i deal with. haha. xx


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