I always liked this day.

Valentine's Day has always been fun for me.  In elementary school, I used to hand make cards for all of my classmates with colored construction paper.  And every year I made one a little extra special, shoving in a few additional pieces of candy with it for my one and only crush from grade 1-4.  Josh Monson.  As it turned out, he only liked the cards with baseball players on them, made fun of my favorite teddy bear dress, had eyes for none other than blondes, and once threw a ball at my head.

I don't know what I saw in him.  That mindless ball-throwing blonde lover.

Yes, I did do something for my husband (who has never thrown anything at my head or made fun of any one of my dresses).  But I can't write about it just yet, because as this point it's still a surprise!  You can definitely expect a post about it though, because I'm pretty proud of myself and feel the need to boast.

Happy Valentine's Day!  Go make someone else happy!


  1. Cute cute cute!
    Thanks for your sweet comment :)

  2. Oh, how I love your wit.

    Lines that made me laugh out loud:
    "That's a pretty nice sweater, Tina, but not as nice as my chocolates!"
    "That mindless ball-throwing blonde lover."
    "I'm pretty proud of myself and feel the need to boast."

    Fact: you're hilarious. :)


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