An unfortunate turn of events fell upon us as we left a wedding reception the other night.  I had a headache.  Not just any headache.  This headache was unprecedented.  It was like hurricane Sandy in my brain.

Except not, because that storm was really way worse than a headache.

We had already made plans to hang out with some of Drew's young man friends.  He was fretting over me, but I told him that he must go and leave my lame self here to die.

So, after he rubbed essential oils on my neck, put in a movie for me, got me my ice cream and tucked me in all comfy, he left.  Do you comprehend how low-maintenance I am?

While he was out, I remained like this:

I can't say I minded.

He came home with hugs, kisses, and a new skirt for me from Wal Mart that I've been eying for months.  The charming scoundrel.

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