if I may gush.

Did you know that the sun is actually closer to the earth during the Winter?  It's just that the angle it shines on us at isn't as direct as it is in the Summer.  That's why the sun seems essentially worthless this time of year.  I mean, it can't even melt snow.

And then the cold sinks past my skin and into my bones and stays there.  Until at least March.  And my nose?  I've decided it will never be warm again.

Drew and his band played in the battle of the bands in Provo on Friday night.  Here we are, me being pale and frantic as always.  Drew being neither of those ever.

And here is me and Kayloni.  Again, just pale and awkward over here.  Good thing I know pretty people.
We also had the privilege of attending a murder mystery party Saturday night!  It was a dream come true.  I've had an obsession with murder mysteries since I was 8 years old. 

We were Southside Sal and Natalie Nemetz, secret star-crossed lovers of the Chicago underground.  Given.

Lastly, we had the opportunity to do a photo shoot with the wonderfully talented Erin from Woodcat photography! I definitely recommend her, she is a genius with a camera - such a creative eye.

Happy six months to my darling husband.  Who never loses patience with me, even when most anyone else would.

Who rubs lotion on my gross feet and removes the polish off of my nails for me.  Who takes out the garbage and battles with mice and checks the shower for any murderers before he leaves, just to humor me.

Who tickles my face and keeps me warm.  Who is always happy to listen to my ramblings, and who understands me like no other human has.

Thanks for sticking with me, sweetie.  You've made me happy and proud to be who I am, because you like who that is.  And I am ever so proud to be your lady.

I love you.


  1. Super sweet! I sure love you both. I laughed at him professing his love for you. I sure wish I could come home and see you!

    1. I wish that too!! There were crazy people there who brought alcohol and were just completely rude and belligerent and I wished you were there to make a "can-you-even-believe-these-people" face at.

      Will you be here for the holidays at all?

  2. I am so jealous of your attendance at a murder mystery party. I've been planning to host one and force anyone I can think of to attend solely for my own entertainment, because I've always wanted to go to one as well. Also, that picture of the two of you by Erin is awesome!

    1. It was really so fun, you should do it! You live in Provo, right? I'll come haha. And thank you. Erin is fantastic.

  3. Gush you may and should! You two just make a beautiful couple. I loved the murder mystery getup. Sounds like fun!

    1. hahaha I figured this was Rachel. But I must admit, when I first saw a comment from D-lish, I was a little taken aback. Thanks Rach!

  4. you guys are super cute together :)


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