Truth is not relative.  It is not deniable, is not negotiable.  If it were, it would cease to be what it is.  Just as nothing that is widely-know can any longer be considered a secret.

Truth that is found debatable, is then compromised. 

I find it hard to avoid confusion when I consider what happens in my life when I sincerely work to align my will with God's.  I make efforts to "seek earnestly the best gifts," I try to read from the best books, I fill myself with all of the love that I can find.  Make myself as big and bright as possible.

I get confused at the bond this creates between me and some, and the rift it creates between me and some others.  Love was meant to adhere.

But I guess there's not avoiding it.

We're all working at the same process, in the end.  Constantly cutting away at the excess corners, making more room for the good.  Casting the bad away.

"And this I do that, perhaps, the roots thereof may take strength because of their goodness; and because of the change of the branches, that the good may overcome the evil." -Jacob 5:59

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