what's the hurry.

Drew picked me up from work the other day.  This is one of my favorite parts of the day, because when I get in the car he grabs me and kisses me all over my face for as long as I need in order to carry on after another grueling, soul-snatching day of full-time employment.  Yes, I'm a child.  But he takes good care of me.

Him: "Hey baby, how are you?"

Me: *Groaning*

Him: "How was work?"

Me: *Even more groaning*

Him: "We don't have to talk about it."

I'm sure you're quite aware by now if you live in Utah County, but it snowed today.  The first snow.  This is me being so sad about it.  But sort of conflicted because I got to wear that scarf.  And I love that scarf.

As much as I hate it, it can be beautiful, that snow.  At least on the mountains.  But I just need to slow down here.  Because it isn't even winter yet.

"'Hurry, or you'll miss out' we're told, 
as if our all-fired hurry in life 
were not the principal reason 
we miss out." -Robert Brault


  1. Remember how we almost didn't march in the Macy's day parade cuz we woke up late? So typical of us haha.
    And I am not ashamed to admit that Muppet Christmas Carol is probably my favorite Christmas movie. "There goes Mr. Humbug..."
    P.S. Your husband sounds like a true gem, and he is perfect for you. We are lucky girls to have these great men!

    1. That was probably THE most nerve-racking moment of my LIFE thus far! Waking up and realizing that the buses were loaded and our whole room had slept in! Oh my gosh hahaha remember how fast we scrambled into our uniforms? And then we were lost in Times Square in full uniform with our clarinets searching for our bus. And JMill played a power trip. Oh Amy haha what would I have done without you.

      PS- It is pretty amazing that we all ended up with amazing men! Kind of restored my faith in humanity.

  2. I love our husbands who baby us always even though we are probably undeserving and should buck up.

    1. We'll give birth! That's all the buckling up anyone should have to do haha. But really, when are we going to grow up?


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