The Husband

Why oh why....
Did I not write this handsome devil on his mission?

 I even remember saying to him once, "I'll write you! Of all people, you know that I would."

Oh, the irony.  
It's a wonder he didn't lose all faith in me.

He even carried out a scheme to make sure I didn't forget.  This involved leaving me with his jacket - the most unusual and loudly-colored jacket ever - to remind me of him while he was gone.  

So that maybe at some point in those long years that he spent out of the country, I would see that jacket and think, "Hey, self, this is Drew's.  I should ditch every other guy in the world and write him because I'll probably marry him someday!"  

What did I do?  Well, I wore the jacket from time to time, as my house did get chilly.  And he of course came to mind when I did.  But still, no letters were written.

He was persistent.  In a crime of passion, he logged onto Myspace, and sought me out.  He left me a message.  He said he loved the mission.  He mentioned Monsters of  Folk.  He said he never really understood my Bright Eyes obsession, but might try them out more when he got home. He asked me about my love life in a very nonchalant, in-the-middle-of-a-sentence kind of way.  I did reply to him there at least, and he gave me his address.  But still...no letters were written.  What's a young Elder to do?

In my defense, I knew other girls were writing him.  Girls I was well-acquainted with.  And things like that often turn into a strange and awkward competition, especially when it concerns females.  Maybe it was for the best.

Either way, it worked out, right?
I'll do my best to make it up to him for the rest of eternity.
Though he says he's not even mad.


  1. Your wedding looks amazing and you and Drew make a really cute couple. I can't wait to see the beautiful babies you bring into this world one day! (Sorry, is that weird?) but this is a cute story and I loved reading it:) thanks for sharing.

    1. Not even weird. I was excited to see you and Danny's babies haha. Okay, also, random. But when you wrote that the first time you met the Elders you were wearing your shirt backwards and had on an alligator purse, I just laughed so hard. I could picture it so well. haha you are the coolest.

  2. :)....that's all i can really say haha, i love you!


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