This morning, I was awakened by the gray light that shone into our room.  I opened my puffy eyes a slit.  My arms were cold.  I buried them under my blankets, adjusted my position.  Drew's feet were cold.  I moved more blanket onto him.   

Everything was cold.

The window our bed sits under had betrayed us while we slept, letting the chilly air from outside slip through its cracks.  This was no ordinary morning, this was the morning that winter's miserable memory crept back into our minds.

Winter, with her unnaturally early sunsets, slippery roads, and that paralyzing cold which makes it nearly impossible to get out of bed.  How I hate her.

Though this morning's events was just a teaser, a reminder that we can't make it through a year without yet another visit from her - This winter haze.  It's on its way.

But for now, I refuse to acknowledge the cold, ignoring it as best I know how.  For now, I'm carving pumpkins, making pumpkin cookies, lighting candles, and holding onto Fall with all of my might.


  1. Last night Marcus and I were laughing over the wide variety of random pumpkins in that picture from facebook. We both love your chesire cat greatly.

    1. It is slightly ridiculous, isn't it? haha thank you though! I was rather proud.

  2. Can I say too many times that you are a wizard with words? No? Mmkay, I thought so. You are an amazing writer! I'm glad you hate Winter as much as I.

    P.S. Cute pumpkins:)

    1. Oh Rach haha you are the best blog follower ever!


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