"I like seeing the hand involved in all work," McPherson says. "[What] you're hearing out of the radio and pop music now is this big kind of congealed blob of ear candy. It works for a minute, but there's no vulnerability there. There's no evidence of soul there. I want to hear the performance and the people behind the performance."

Go check out this fine gentleman's music.  It'll get you dancin!

"Sometimes someone controls everything about you. And when they tell you that they just can't live without you. They ain't lyin', they'll take pieces of you. And they'll stand above you and walk away. And take a part of you with them"  -Jack White

Plus anything this guy has something to do with, it's worth giving a listen.

Cloudy weather makes everything better.  Including music.  Just like how things taste better when you're really, really hungry.  Brings out all of the flavor.  Cloudy weather brings out the flavor of things.

50% chance of rain today, everyone.  Pray with me that it happens!  And lasts for more than ten minutes.

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