-I like good, clean fun.

-Which means I'm pretty boring, in general.  But I'm comfortable with this.

-I'm particular.

-I get stuck on certain things.  Books, movies, bands, food.  I'm not too keen on "trying new things" because the things I've already tried and liked are already fulfilling enough for me. I find solace in sameness and consistency.

-I'm a very odd mixture of introvert and extrovert.

-I am pro-facial hair (on men).

-I always felt too tall until Drew showed up.

-I'm laid back about most things, excluding morals.  At that point, I get pretty prudish.

-Most days, I feel about 80 years old.

-I like lamp lighting or natural lighting.

-I hate overhead lights.

-I never wear high heels.  They are fundamentally wrong.

-I love cardigans, and wear them daily.  My collection will probably never stop growing. 

-I wish it would rain at least twice a week.  The only time that something we need actually does fall from the sky.

-I don't typically speak unless spoken to.   Except in the cases that I know someone well and have confidence that they're going to think what I have to say is interesting/worth listening to.

-One of the biggest blows to my system is when someone I'm talking to doesn't seem to be listening.  Ego I guess.

-I'd rather look decent for not trying very hard than not very good for trying really hard.

- I have trouble finding the motivation to start something if I don't feel like I'll do my best.

- I only feel like wearing make up about once every ten days, on average.  And it's usually only mascara.  This could subconsciously be because on the days I actually do wear it, I get quite a few comments on "how nice I look today."  Which could be them hinting that I look like death without it and should put it on more often.  But I choose to remain ignorant.

-I used to think my favorite season was Summer.  That was never true.  Deep down, it has always been Fall.

-Ever since I was young, I have been a Night Owl.  Night time is my favorite time for thinking, organizing, going on adventures, reading, being creative, etc.

-Ever since I got a full time job, I can't be a Night Owl anymore. 

-But I have never been and will never be a morning person...

-So now I'm not an any time of day person, and am just always tired.

-Credibility is not easily restored with me.  Once someone is rude, I see them as rude.  Usually for the rest of their general existence.  I realize that this is not particularly merciful.  But...

-I think being nice matters more than a lot of other things.

-My face, just my normal facial expression, either looks sad or angry.  Or so I'm told on a regular basis.

-My idea of a perfect moment typically includes chocolate, Diet Mt Dew or Coca-cola, and some good literature.

-I love that Drew's beard sometimes smells like old books.

-I feel like my life is made up of waiting for the weekend to come.  

-I'm a lot more like my mom than I ever thought.  But it's fine because if I'm ever confused about how I feel, I just call her and she explains it to me.

-I'm not as depressing or depressed as I seem.

-I do not believe in coincidence.  There is no room for it in the world.

-I love looking up words.

-I hate olives, tomatoes and raw onions.

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