Moving along at an unfamiliar pace.  And each morning my heart doesn't sink upon waking, well, I've kept that prayer in my heart. To let Heaven know I'm aware.  Acknowledging this new fortune.  To insure that they keep it from falling apart.

I've somehow found the sun.  My days  were once spent waiting for structures to buckle beneath my own feet.  Now with warmth and solace I daily meet.

But last night, dear, none of this remained.  The features on your face were rearranged.  You turned to resemble something I couldn't translate.  Familiar hands, disfigured.  A gentle brow only feigned to reassure.

My most earnest of pleadings uttered in vain. You gave no answer when I stated your name.  Your spirit unreconciled to mine, I tasted the bitter outcome. My own heart failed me.  I was undone.

Here I opened my eyes - oh, what a welcome scene.  A soft face, such gentle breathing, this treasured being!  I held him fast to me. 

I made my home upon your side, and it is only here I wished to reside.  To keep away such wretched visions.  They still clouded my mind.  For all my days, it is here I would hide.

In this moment, what relief flowed through me.  It is a charmed reality.  Only my dreams would dare to disagree.

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