my brain.

Any and all actions requiring, demanding absolute acknowledgement.  Proving confidence.  Keep patting that forehead dry.  A lack of meaning is to be proven.  Wondering why.  It's a contradiction, isn't it?  Proving something to be nothing at all.  Breathe out romantic phrases.  Too much sweetness, just choke.  What actions were taken in the sight of God to deserve this?  Consider the possibility.  To deserve her?  You don't.

Just hanging here.  Let down.  We can't help but keep score.  Hope in these old wives tales.  Hope in these less-than truths.  The fate of a blided woman. No hope except in her own soul.  What could you offer.  What wouldn't you take. Body an empty vessel.  Bearing this filthiness.


No man could comprehend.  Stomach turning.  The need for her.  Faceless. Her very self will be lost.  Hands on her mouth.  Stomp it out.  The need for her.  And just any.  Faceless.  Sightless.  Senseless. Touch purity.  Fulfilling bottomless greed.  What doesn't she give? Convince her.  She wanted to know better.  Hands over mouth.  Eyeless.  Deny.  Only way to survive.

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