There's a good chance that what you mentioned is something I might have said or done, but I can't say I know myself all that well lately; we haven't had much time to talk.

And I'm not sure what I would take back even if I had the opportunity.

I know I said I loved the way you moved around, with such an absence of any ego.

But now this misinterpreted sense of self, he's someone I'm getting to know.
It's starting to show.

With the skin beneath my eyes getting thinner.
I'm starting to show.

The daytime has never treated me as well.
Weeks spent, putting in efforts to fit this comfortable position.

One chance, and I'm laying down just before the sun makes another appearance. 

So build yourself a cocoon of rage, and stay there.
Shout all of your threats and obscenities from the inside.

Such a distant, cowardice manner.

And avoid all of our faces from now on.
Because what difference could it make for you.

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