"An addiction to hands and feet.  There's a meat market down the street.  The boys and girls watch each other eat, when they really just wanna watch each other sleep, sleep, sleep..."

I've listened to this song at least twelve times since approximately 1:25am this morning.  No worries, I did sleep in-between then and now.  Only three hours, but I'm not a fan of details.  At least not those kind.  So here is me talking about myself, cause I figure there is really no better place to do so.

things i've decided are awesome about me lately:
1.  I haven't had a soda in two weeks as of today.  I've also cut back a lot of sugar.  Vegetables are amazing and I basically just eat them until I don't feel like eating anything else anymore.  I feel good. No pills, no lypo, just a change in my habits.  Go figure.

2.  I'm so good at my job that the dude sitting next to me has started copying the script I came up with for phone calls.  How flattering, fellow customer care representative.
3.  I wake up now.  Like, I get out of bed when I need to.  Sleeping in is still heavenly and I do it more than the average person, as usual.  But I actually find it possible to get up.  And I don't feel so worthless.  AND I picked up an additional working day each week, so I'll make more money.  

4.  I'm beginning to understand that people who bring out negative feelings in me - about myself - probably aren't worth making eye contact with.  Much less taking time for.  So there.  Look out, world.

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