symmetrical elegance/never have to be alone again.

In a dream, we were all right back
where we were meant to be.
Since that day when hands were clasped
in symmetrical elegance.
Promises spoken.
You'll never have to be alone again.
Only that's exactly where you find yourself
in this graveyard of accomplishments.
After all of the applause and credit given
in your honor,
you've finally found that none of it really matters
without her sweet smile to welcome you home.
Her warm eyes to take you in and tell you,
that you'll never have to be alone again.
Except that's exactly where you find yourself now.
Her face haunts you in old slide shows,
you're wondering what you did wrong.
Wishing you could take back what you can recall.
All those moments you spent
clenching fists and yelling,
you wish you would have spent telling her
how much it all meant,
and that she'd never have to be alone again.
And maybe that's where she finds herself now,
but it makes no difference to you.
That day she went away,
she was so sure of her choices.
And now and again in this hollow home,
we hear voices,
the haunting memories of sweet days long gone.
When the sun stayed out longer,
her very presence made you stronger.
It all comes flooding back like an old favorite song.
But it makes no difference today,
you let your pride and arrogance
get in the way
of the promises made.
You forgot your hands clasped
in symmetrical elegance;
you never had to be alone again.
And now you just can't find a place to relax.
As if this loneliness is a never-ending tax
on the happiness that might have been known.
This is where we find you,
none of us quite sure what to do,
all broken and indifferent and alone.

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