stop looking at me as if this makes any sense.

There's a statue standing in front of me
who's asking like he cares.
The rest of the night spent
thinking of how to respond,
just sit and stare.
Here you are, a portrait in front of me,
looking at me straight in the eyes.
As if there's something more that I know,
like it's something I should recognize.
I spin around, find that glimmer of consistancy -
hold tight.
I'll Inch just a little closer for comfort.
Inner conflict,
wrong and right.
The only part that comes clearly,
one inch more for comfort instead.
Just flowing.
Stop thinking.
Not a word is said.

What keeps me here is mostly the genuine fear of wanting something that seems reasonably unattainable.  And even if it were somehow acquired, I wouldn't be ready for it.  This in limbo is enough to make my head spin.  And keep spinning.

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