The only way to make it through the drab nature of day-to-day existence is to make up other worlds in my head.


  1. Oh wow that last photo is making me want to go see the mountains so bad. These shots are gorgeous. :)

  2. sometimes there's nothing else you can do..

    these pictures are beyond beautiful. did you take them?

    1. Thank you! I did. They're from a drive I took a few weeks ago, the light was unreal. And then on the way home I had to flip a u-tun and pull over to get a picture of that moon!

  3. you have to create other worlds in your head to get through the day? i do too, but the other worlds usually look something like those amazing photos. just wow. relateable thought, but it's almost not if you live in a place like that lol.
    gosh, i just love that hazy golden light. you're a master.


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