Mixed feelings.

This time of year
brings the following symptoms:

Love of the pending season
and dread of what looms just beyond.
Which I combine
and stir until smooth.

*Photo by Rachel Varella


  1. Same thoughts. I adore fall but it is so dreary to think about winter. I wish fall could be followed by spring... or just eternal fall.

  2. that's the best thing you can do.. make it smooth... easier to bare...
    I don't even know which season I like anymore.. I like them all the same and dislike them all the same as well.. I like the change.. so it's good that we don't get stuck up on one particular season... and though I adore Christmas...I hate the cold weather... that's another reason that made it to my PROS list when I decided to move to the Caribbean.. anyway, here it's summer all year long.. I do miss Fall... I miss it a lot...
    loving you hair btw.. awesome!

  3. Firstly, your hair is just like wow

    Secondly, stirring until smooth is the perfect description of life at the moment

  4. yes, you are perfect. also, my life is complete, because i met you in real life. it literally was like meeting a celebrity


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