So, sure, come over
And although I'm fatigued to tears
I'll give you polite replies,
laugh at stale jokes that fill dead air.

There is no magic here.  Only greater financial responsibility and avoiding arguments with pretense.

No one is entitled
to their hopes and dreams
I only wish that somewhere down the line, someone would have had the decency to  tell me.


  1. "no one is entitled to their hopes and dreams"...you've got a point there...
    I'm sorry about what you've been through..what you shared on my comment wall about your mom, your life... i can only imagine it has been a tough road..but yeah... I guess you get the idea of what I was saying about always carrying the past with us.. 'cause it is "us".... stay true

  2. Oh my gosh.
    Being grown up. Its a rediculous lie.

  3. On Friday I had to go to my first doctor's appointment by myself. It was my first kind of doctor's visit of this kind and it was personal and scary and I had nobody to take with me or tell about it. After the appointment was over I felt such an adult sense of pride at accomplishing something entirely by myself. I was so proud of my adult self. Then I went home and had pizza rolls for dinner and laughed at the sham that is adult life.


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