power stance

Here's the thing.  Back before I started my 9-5 shifts and my rear end turned to post-adolescent mush, Summer would awaken within me a beast.  Streaking on golf courses, sneaking into public pools in the earliest hours of the a.m., jumping off of various towering objects into various bodies of water which turned my swimsuits green.  

I referred to this alter-ego as Mufasa.  I liked her.

I've decided lately that the only antidote for the repugnant itch of routine is short and concentrated doses of escape, as often as our "adult responsibilities" and employment will allow. 

During a weekend visit to St. George in an effort to soothe said itch, I was inexplicably standing on a cliff over a body of water called Sand Hollow. The situation was near-perfect. Summer was present in an undeniable way. I was sans make-up, shoes and pants.  The water below was beckoning me with reflections of glittering sunlight and blue sky. The only issue: jumping in. 

This is a version of myself I hadn't been acquainted with in a substantial amount of time. Ever since, you know, bills and stuff.

But, regardless, this cliff.  I didn't like its attitude.
I had been standing there for at least twenty minutes.  At least. Just staring at the water.  Acting content to watch other people jump.  Saying things like, "Yeah, just after these kids swim out of the way!"  It would have been humiliating even if there weren't 12-year-old girls doing front flips every thirty seconds.  Or so it seemed.  

At one point, it felt like the distance between me and the water would never be reconciled.  I was about to fold, walk away defeated by formations of rock.  Then, Drew yelled at me from below, "Meg!  Power Stance!"  

Of course.  The Power Stance.  My secret weapon.  It's basically where you stand with your legs shoulder width apart, your hands on your hips, your chest out and your chin up.  The idea is that your body is taking up as much space as possible, which boosts your confidence.  I learned about it on a TED talk.  It's science, okay?

So, I Power Stanc-ed-it-up, and, in half a minute went once again from Meghan to Mufasa.  

Drew gave me a single nod that seemed to say, "You got this."  And I did.  I had that cliff.

One, two, three steps and I was plummeting toward the water. Impact made, breath stolen, water up nose, and the one wedgie to rule all wedgies. 
I say.  It's a delicious thing, being alive. 


  1. Ah. this is perfect. i agree, i'm always escaping away to the farm or on weekend or day trips every chance i can possibly get.
    i love this.

  2. love this. that summer high (bright skies - blue water - everything green) really is the best there is.


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