The sea -
So vast a creature is she,
Has been made out in our history
To be
As boundless as she is careless,
Both a prison and liberty,
Heroine, villain,
Beast and beauty

But the sea -
To me,
Is considered to be
An antidote, refiner,
Tonic or remedy
To the venom boiling
Inevitably in me

Tugging at the roots of malice
and replenishing with peace
Both philanthropist and thief -
The cleansing swell of the sea


  1. Meg, this is beautiful! I love it!

  2. You've taken how I feel about the sea and laid it out so beautifully and perfectly. The sea is my heroine for all time. And your words do her justice. Completely.

    gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

  3. this beautiful. beautiful words, beautiful picture.

  4. Ahh so good. I can't pick a favorite line. Stunning, Meg! Also, just followed you on Instagram and saw your hair --- SO COOL.


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