Drew: "I'd venture to say that Roger Waters is one of the top five lyricists to have ever lived.  Ever."
Me:  "Really?  Wow.  That's a big statement."
Drew:  "Well, he is.  Right up there with Bob."
Me: (Obviously assuming Bob Dylan.) *Nod and smile.*
Drew: "Bob Marley, of course."
Me: *Glare of death*
Drew: "Kidding!  Kid -- Ouch!  I'm kidding!"  

We went to the mall last night, which is where I saw these wonderfully eerie-looking trees.  They prove, to me, that there is beauty even here, where everything is frozen and dead.

Like I said, we went to the mall.  I refuse to do any shopping on weekends this time of year.  Crowds tend to trigger my irrational rage fits.  Very dangerous.  I entered with the sincere intent to only shop for others, and save nothing for myself.  Turns out I really suck at that.  But I have to say, I'm loving my new sweater!


  1. haha. i hate when i by for myself when i'm supposed to be christmas shopping. but it always seems to happen. :p i'm going christmas shopping tomorrow. *sigh* makes me tired just thinking about it!

  2. I always end up buying myself more than I buy for others. WHOOPS. Or I justify things for myself if there is a sale. I got my friend's presents because it was a buy two get one free sale and I desperately wanted one of the pictures I got for them. Blah blah generosity.

    As a person who works retail (or did up until like a week ago) BLESS YOU FOR NOT SHOPPING DURING WEEKENDS. Ugh. People this year have been worse than usual.

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