my answers.

Some of you asked that I answer the questions I wrote.  And I have to admit that I was dying to do it, so here they are:

1. First, sum up the story of your worst heartbreak in no more than five sentences.    

It's dangerous business, handing over your heart strings to someone who loves being in love more than they love you.  Avoid this.  And make sure to give a returned missionary at least 3-6 months before engaging in any sort of romantical anything with them.  You were warned.

2.  How old are you?


3. Okay, but how old do you feel?

Around 70, probably.  I have back problems.  I love going to bed early, and hate loud restaurants.  Also, on Halloween I yelled at innocent trick or treaters to "Go away!"

4. If you could visit any other time period in history, when would that be? 

The late 1800's-Early 1900's.  But in Europe.  And if I could please bring indoor plumbing and tampons with me?  That would be great.

5. If you could meet any fictional character, who would that be?

Jane Eyre.  She chose respecting herself over love and a life of comfort, which is admirable and rare.

6.  If you could spend a day with any non-fictional character, dead or alive, who would that be?

My first thought is Jesus?  But I think I'd be just a bit overwhelmed with all of the glory and perfection, so I guess we'll just save that for judgment day!

Do-over: This is probably selfish, but I'd like to meet myself at 14, and save her a lot of trouble down the road.

7.  What do you do when you have nothing to do?

Lately, clean while watching a romantic British drama.  Or veto the cleaning and just watch the romantic British drama.  I really like those, just ask Netflix; it dedicated an entire section to them especially for me.

8.  Which song is the anthem to your life?

Why did I write this question?  I hate it.  But, after much consideration, I'd have to say Across the Universe by The Beatles.  I've always felt like my brain produces more melancholy than any one human was built to handle.  And that song is the only one that helps it flow out of my system properly.

9. What book will you never get tired of, ever?

Jane Eyre. 

10. Do you have a job?  What is it?

I specialize in PCI Compliance, which is something you should know about if you have a merchant account to process credit cards, but you probably wouldn't anyway.  All this to say, I work in a call center, but the good kind.

11. What do you wish you could/hope to do for a living? 

Oh, just write.  And empower teenage girls.  By writing.

12.  What's your blog URL?

If you're reading this, I'm guessing you know.

13. When a restaurant gets your order wrong, are you the kind of person who asks for it to be corrected, or the kind that stays quiet and eats it anyway?

That all depends on whether I'm Visible Meghan or Invisible Meghan that day.  Visible Meghan believes that if she's paying for something, it should be what she wants, and would politely request to have her order fixed because she also believes in being nice to waiter(esse)s.

Invisible Meghan believes that talking to anyone other than Drew or Tessa or her mom will unavoidably cause internal bleeding.  Somehow.  So she would just eat the food and spend the rest of the day moping about how unassertive she is.
Thank you all so much for commenting! I spent the weekend reading through your answers, and confusing the people around me with my reactions.  If any of you want to use these questions on your own blog, feel free!  I am a big believer in citing sources, so if you would make sure and notate that they came from this blog, I'd appreciate it very much.  But I can't control you, so whatever.

Happy Monday.  It's snowing here and I hate it.


  1. Great answers!!!! You are super cool!

  2. I like your answers. And you make me laugh. And the internal bleeding part! haha! And what are these british dramas you speak of? I want to watch! Also, how old you act. I'm like that too. Loud anywhere, blergh.

    1. I've watched Call the Midwife, David Dondora? There was Mansfield Park, but DO NOT watch that because, turns out, there's a boob in it. haha it was a very disturbing scene. I don't think that Jane Austen would have wanted it that way!

  3. I have a strong hatred for loud restaurants. I believe that food should be enjoyed over good conversation. That just kills it.

    Also, snow sounds like awfulness. Unless there's sledding and hot cocoa.

  4. "I've always felt like my brain produces more melancholy than any one human was built to handle." Me too. Me too. I like thinking of myself as very deep because of all the melancholy my brain produces. I like milking that melancholy until I get happy again, but then I get all melancholy for my lost melancholy. Vicious cycle.

    And we have the same dream via your writing dream. Empower all the teenage girls through words and novels. Life dream for real.

    Tightrope to the Sun

    1. Exactly! It's an addictive feeling. Sadness can bring pleasure, which is strange, but true.

  5. You're probably my favoritest blogger of all and I'm so glad I found you. xoxo Johanna

    1. that is really nice! I feel so undeserving haha but thank you!

  6. You've maybe just SUPER inspired me to use that thing about Jane Eyre in a lyric essay I'm writing for my Non-Fiction class. I have a feeling that it's the glue this essay needs. I've been sitting at the computer trying so hard to pull it together, and I think that I finally can! THANK YOU! Do you mind if I use the idea you've sparked in my brain for my class? Like, is that cool?

    1. Oh, it's totally cool! Go for it. Anything to help you through college.

  7. ohhh, i like that about meeting your 14 year old self. i have to agree, i'd like nothing more than to slap some sense into her :)


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