This weekend, I ate cake for breakfast.  
Not everyday.  Just once.
But nothing says "long weekend!" quite like cake for breakfast.
This weekend I decided that
houses that face east are the best kind of houses.
Because of all the natural light.
This weekend, I went to the mall
for the first time in ages.
I bought a candle called "Leaves."
Because I am a big supporter of ringing in the Autumn season
way too early.
Like, when it's still over 90 degrees outside.
The candle smells like apple cider and cinnamon.
Which, in fact, smell nothing like actual leaves.
But I'm willing to let that go.
This weekend, I also bought $15 lip gloss,
and I'm now realizing that that is a crap load of money
to spend on a teeny tiny tube of shiny, sticky stuff.
Actually, Drew bought it.
But he was a good sport. 
Though not exactly enthusiastic about kissing sticky lips.
This weekend, I saw my best friend.
The one heaven threw into my life with perfect timing.
We laughed and there may have been Ke$ha playing in the car
for the first time in years.
We were not ashamed.
I miss her.
This weekend, I took far too many pictures of my house. 
But only the clean, pretty parts. 
So that you all can think that my house is clean and pretty
all over the place.

This weekend, I watched my husband spray the weeds and mow the lawn.
And I thought to myself, "Hey, look, I have a husband.  And a lawn.
How idyllic."


  1. I love this way too much. Your house is adorable and bright and I love everything you've done with it. And the FLOORS. they're brilliant!

    1. I took these pictures with you in mind haha you seemed eager to see the house! It's been so fun. The floors are ORIGINAL from 1899! 114 year old wood haha I don't know how they're still there.

  2. cake, cupcakes, cookies, brownies. they all make the best breakfasts. natural light! it's a must for my future house.

    1. It's amazing how much natural light affects how you feel at home. Basement apartments usually feel like caves. And agreed about the breakfast foods! Also Costco muffins.

  3. i bought an autumn smelling candle this weekend as well, aren't they the prettiest smells?

  4. Stop. The last line of this post is heaven. And so are your hard wood floors. This house is so cute. I'm dying of jealousy.

    Tightrope to the Sun

  5. i love your house! and i that bit about houses facing the east is so true:))

    1. Definitely. It was weird having so much light in our room in the morning, but it really is nice. Good for the soul.

  6. I can't stop smelling my candle. I want more. Like yours and the apple pumpkin one. Want them. It was a good weekend. Kesha was good to us. Miss you.

    1. Me too! I hope they have a sale again soon, before the end of fall. But then they'll just be more Christmas smells!

  7. uh, LOVE this. your house is seriously the greatest thing i have ever seen! can you say dream? it sounds like you had a wonderful weekend lady. nothing like realizing how blessed you are, hanging out with that one friend that just gets it, and cake for breakfast! i may or may not have had ice cream for lunch yesterday, soooo yeah.

    1. haha sooo yeah, you have life pretty figured out! Thanks Shelby! You are always so kind. Make me feel good :)

  8. I love it too! It's so gorgeous it's not even funny. Even if these are the cleanest parts, haha.

  9. Megan, how cute is your house! I agree with the whole facing east thing! Not only is the natural light pretty, but uplifting! My apartment faces north and can be a bit depressing. I want to see your house!

    1. Thank you!! We love it so much. You should come see it soon! We're thinking of having a Halloween party/open house thing. Or housewarming party. I don't know. Either way, we should set something up.

    2. I would love to! I'm down this way every weekend. We would definitely come crash your halloween party :)


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