it's Friday.

I'm not sure how to rid myself of the ever-streaming thought in my mind that my presence and/or very existence is boring everyone around me to death.  I'm not sure how to negotiate between my natural preference of being alone, and the need to not be lonely.  I'm having trouble sifting through and sorting out which things about me are actual things about me, and not just warped, rotted interiors that need to be renovated.

You know?

It would be a good idea,  I think, for you to venture on over to What Would Nora Ephron Do?  Courtney Kearns has become somewhat of a word hero of mine in the past few months, and I feel morally obligated to share her brilliance.  Plus, her blog is named after the woman who brought us Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail and Julie & Julia.  She obviously knows what's up.

She writes about things like booty shorts, being single, awkward first dates, and the fun of kissing boys who she has no intention of marrying.  What is better than that.

"Here's to being bad at life and writing like it's all on purpose."



  1. well if you like it I'll probably like it, so I'm going to check this out! x

  2. love this. your words... perfection. absolute perfection

  3. whaaaaat?! this is the nicest! you are too sweet. i'm glad we're friends because i like you. also, you're one of my word heroes, too. serious. that's real life.

  4. that resonates with me...sometimes i get confused what's really me and what's warped.....

  5. I hear ya. It's so easy to just settle in and say, "It's just who I am, I can't help it. I can't change." I've thought about these things recently too. I've justified the fact that I'm an introvert and I don't need a ton of friends, then I have way too much fun dancing with random people at a wedding and wish that I had more friends. Bleh.

  6. "I'm not sure how to negotiate between my natural preference of being alone, and the need to not be lonely."

    I know the feeling. What's more difficult still is explaining it to others.

    Your view of things is refreshing.

    1. Agreed. It always seems to come off as rude or inconsiderate. Thanks, Ryan. Seeing a member of the male gender blogging is pretty refreshing to me as well!


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