I'd like to...

-Turn off the TV by 10:30pm each night to read

-Use people's names when I talk with them

-Wake up earlier for scripture study

-Try more DIY or art projects

-Print pictures and frame them

-Write more songs with Drew

-Give more compliments, free of charge

-Keep my car and home organized and clean

-Eat more vegetables

-Buy a film camera, and learn how to use it

-Talk on the phone with one of my parents at least once a week

-Go on a date with one of my friends approximately twice a month

-Journal, with an actual pen on actual paper

-Learn about photography

-Keep a planner

-Talk to myself with kinder language (because what we believe about ourselves generally comes true)

-Self-research things I find interesting

-Watch more TED talks

-Go on more walks

-Do a few simple work outs a week

-Pick up my cello or guitar a few times a week

-Re-vamp my wardrobe

-Make more to-do lists with specific goals, rather than vague wishes

-Buy a cute house like this:
And move in today.

At least that last one I can say is a "check!"


  1. CUTE house! And I love that list!

  2. Ahh, I'm so so super excited for ya'll! I can't wait to see what you do with it :) It's soo cute! Love it.

    and your whole list is pretty awesome too

    1. We're excited too! I'll post a house tour or something, eventually. If we ever get it put together.

  3. Your house is A+. And so is this list but the one that I agree with the most is definitely making lists with more specific goals and not just vague wishes. I'm horrible at this. I always seem to list random things I'd like to maybe think about a while longer instead of concretes I want to get done. This list is a great template. I love your goals. Good luck with them!

    Tightrope to the Sun

    1. Hey thanks, I'll need some luck! All these ideas just came pouring out of my head the other day, and I knew I needed to write them down. Time for some progress!

  4. that list is perfection. like seriously, everything on it! i have been trying to work on so many of those things. and HOLD UP!!! uh, that is literally the cutest house i have ever seen in my entire house. it is like a dream! oh my gosh, that is so exciting lady!! congrats. i bet it is just amazing to have a place to call your own :)

    1. Thank you! We love the house, and I totally agree that it is a dream. Just a dirty one. That sounded bad. haha I just mean we need to clean it!

  5. Yes! Great list! There are so many things I wish I could do better, or want to do with my life. We just got to make those things happen!

    1. It just gets so overwhelming, because you can't tackle them all at once, you know? And if you try you just fail haha and get discouraged. Here's to making it happen!

  6. Love it! It's so cute. Have fun :)

  7. Such a charming house! And a great list, glad you are getting to check one off of it. Congrats! :)


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