this beautiful man.

Who I happen to be married to.

He's beautiful.


  1. hahaha. i love you! and ya'll are too cute <3

  2. this is so sweet :) and he really does grow an incredible beard!

  3. Love how in love you two are. :) Do other guys always compliment your husband on his beard? It's a beauty. Weston would have a serious case of beard envy if I showed him this picture because he just recently shaved his and is having a sad case of separation anxiety, but before that, random guys would always come up and say "dude. sweet beard." I feel like it's the one compliment that guys who don't know each other can give without feeling awkward about it. Because everyone loves and appreciates a good beard.

    1. This is so funny! Yes, basically everywhere we go random men come up and say something like that. "Sweet beard" or , "nice beard, man." It's never much longer than that though. Just two or three words because they're men, of course. I hope Weston recovers from the separation anxiety soon!


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