who knows.

Someday I'm going to have a house that is covered in vines.  Just like this.  I really will.  Watch me.
        "My room and car aren't always clean.  I don't typically put a great 
       amount of effort into 'getting ready' (hair, make up, etc.)  I just figure 
       that the people who love me will love me either way.  Maybe I'm not 
       trying to be beautiful, understood or liked at the moment.  So what?  
       If you don't love me just because my face isn't shining like yours, 
       that's probably more your problem than mine." 

I was just cleaning out my old email address today, and found the above paragraph hidden in my old drafts.  I found it hilarious.  Mostly because not much has changed over the years.  Since, you know...
Unfortunately, my hair will never be this long and beautiful again.  It just doesn't grow like that anymore.  But at least my face is no longer in a perma-stoned expression at all hours of the day.  Just FYI, I was never actually stoned.  Really.

And, yes, I said "old" email address.  Because we all created an email account when we were approximately 10-13 years old that we kept until it became much too embarrassing for us to do so anymore.  (Mine had to do with The Lord of the Rings, of course.)  Then we switched to Gmail, and use the old address to received additional free months of Netflix access and for giving to non-profit organizations when they ask if you want a newsletter and you feel like you'd be rude if you didn't say yes.  You know what I mean.  Don't even.  

-Roxberry.  Se-ver-al times a week.  Because HEAT.  Summertime makes me spend a stupid amount of money on cold fruity beverages and I don't even feel bad because I work full-time and that means I can afford to allow myself one superfluous habit.  The trouble is, I allow myself a great amount more than one.

-Brownies.  Mint ones.  Because I've been giving into the demands of PMS since 2003.

This was nonsense.


  1. That is so me. I was complaining to my mom about running errands because I would actually have to redo my messy bun and put on real clothes. She laughed and called me abnormal. But yeah..

    Oh! I just hit jackpot at Ross today. The boys shirt (that fit me!) were cheap and they had more then just sport tees. I'm in loove.

    And I think your hair was super super pretty, but i looove your short hair.

    I actually have four emails still in use. I retired three already. One for the blog. One for me. One for junk. and One for blog junk. It's lovely ;)

    Shoot. those brownies look ahmazing and it's not helping the whole "no real sugar or carbs with fat" ughhhh.

    I love your rambly posts. xx

    1. Also, i really really want a partially ivy covered house.

  2. aaah! i miss you and your blog! went through and caught up a bit.
    i totally agree with the whole short in the front shirt thing. blah. it drives me crazy.
    and i love this post. xD and that quote.
    you're adorable.
    i responded to your comment on my blog. :D

    1. Quotes are the best. But you know this.

  3. I can't believe your hair was so long! Even when I see pictures of how it was when we met, can't believe it!

    1. I know! I swear that wasn't even me.

  4. You always had the best hair in high school, I was always so envious. Honestly, I still am. Pregnancy is supposed to give you great hair, but mine is still "ok" at best. first world girl problems, right?

    1. #FWGP. That should definitely be a thing. Because girls have way more problems than boys.

      I always loved your hair, and still do. haha I tried to make mine look like yours. And actually, I just got it cut into a pixie with a few chunks of blonde and Drew said, "It looks good! But it's so different. You look like a different person." and I said, "Yeah, Trish." And he said, "Yeah!"

      So apparently I'm still trying to look like you!

    2. #FWGP most definitely be a thing and we're going to start it. Don't be surprised if your see that hash-tag on future instagram posts of mine. :)

      You're sweet and you're making be blush like a child. I honestly wish I could be more daring with my hair some days. I used to be, but now I'm old and grumpy I guess. I would love to do an undercut or shave the side of my head like you, but the grow out process scares the shiz out of me. Give me some of your courage, woman!

    3. Wait, do I even follow you on instagram? what is your..@ thingy? haha

      You have courage! I mean, if you like your hair then that's great haha it always looks good. But you have the face for shorter/crazier looks. My advice is not to think but do. Just go and do it haha.

      When I had half of my head shaved, it was a pretty big adrenaline rush, I won't lie. But the growing out wasn't too bad. I just let it grow a while and then cut the rest shorter. It basically all looks the same length now, even though the shaved side is still a little shorter. NBD!

    4. I don't know if you're following me, but I'm following you! What the heck Megan Bird?! Also, I realize that your name is Meghan Mulvey now but when I met you, you were Megan Bird and you always will be, even if the spelling is wrong. True story: when I got your wedding invitation, I thought they spelled your name wrong and you got a stellar deal on the invitations cause they messed up, then someone told me that is how to actually spell your name. It was a mind blowing moment for me. Now I'm rambling...anyways, my name is _trishtaylor_ on instagram.

      I need to just do what I want and cut my hair. Maybe after the baby is born though. Everyone says "don't do a drastic cut or color with your hair when your pregnant". I guess it has something to do with dealing with postpartum later? I dunno, but I'll follow what the books say.

      I don't doubt it was a rush! I've seen girls do it and they start freaking out. Hahaha it always makes me laugh.

    5. I'm totally following you instagram. I just don't recognize any of your pictures! Why wouldn't they show up on the feed? WTF, insta?! Look at your baby bump! How exciting! No going back now.

      I kept Bird as my middle name because I couldn't let it go. It just flows. But yeah, I always had a H in my name, and didn't ever use it cause it bothered me. But Drew's sister's name is Megan Mulvey, so I started using the H to save some confusion. As you know, it didn't work. I think MORE people were confused. Whatever.

      If you ever need hair encouragement, just contact me. I'm good at that.

  5. Oh, old e-mail addresses. The nostalgia. haha
    That brownie looks amazeballs.

  6. If this is nonsense, then I want more of it. Because you're hilarious. And you're honest. I totally know what you mean about the email address, thing, too. :)


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