My dad plays in this super cool geezer band.  He's still got it.  Drew jumped in and played a song when we saw them last weekend while my mom and I danced.  It was great fun, in spite of all the drunk middle-aged women around us.  Then again, they provided their fair share of entertainment.

I'm basically writing right now to get my mind off of the present.  You see, I have that second job interview today.  And I just can't seem to calm down.  My jaw is clenching and my legs are jumpy.  I'm freezing but sweating.  Rehearsing what I consider to be "my biggest strengths and weaknesses" in my head over and over again.  

I wish the super moon would come back.  Wish me luck or something.


  1. looks like so much fun! and I love the first photo


  2. looks like an entertaining time! sometime you should video it. i wanna hear drew and your pops.

    praying for ya. i know you'll do great!! xx

  3. You've got to love awesome bands. And you'll do fine! :) Though I certainly know what you mean about pre-interview nerves.


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