Because words are failing me.  Because my lips are dry, my skin is itchy and my allergies are back after a week in a kinder, more humid climate.  Because my thoughts refuse to organize and have been insisting on this diabolical behavior for too long now.  

Because these days are starting to blur into one in a way that I find unsettling.  Because I keep jumping back and forth between plans and I just can't seem to get a grip.  Because I'm missing people, and never know how to handle that.  Because I get myself down, and then feel guilty for it, which gets me even more down, if that's even a thing.  Because I'm still not sure how to measure my both precious and insignificant existence.
But Laura Marling's new album is out.  And I have this husband who takes my hand and tells me he loves me with words on a daily basis like he knows I need.  So I'm planning on burying myself for a while, into these good things.  And not even I know what I mean by that.
"You came here to tell me something I already know. Dark before the dawn is the darkest I can go. The calm before the storm is what leaves me here to breathe. So breathe. Us of constant banging, throwing fists against the wall. Screaming at the earth for what it's done to one and all. I came here to tell you something you already know. Just Breathe. Breathe."



  1. That quote is perfect advice!! And I like the idea of burying yourself in good things. Like a splendid new album :)

    bury yourself, fill yourself to the brim with these good things. go out, stay in. i'm just glad you posted again.
    ps, you are so, so pretty.

  3. Ugh. I missed you so so much!
    And how can you describe my day in three paragraphs? I shouldn't be complaining, life is good, I'm being buried in good things, but some days, things topple on top of you, ya know? I needed this. Thank you! And that quote is the best. xx

  4. I love that quote so much. I definitely need that. Things lately have seemed to be beyond overwelming, but I do constantly find myself jut reminding myself to breathe... And then go eat ice cream cuz that usually helps.


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