We moved to the valley,
We had a great view
Until the housing developments
Spread out and overgrew.

As far as our debts go,
We're a few dollars shy.
But we'll pay it off slowly
Until we eventually die.

I meant to call you 
Just the other night.
But I lost my
Electronic device
Don't have any numbers


  1. humorous and thought provoking. i could probably count on one hand the number of phone numbers i have memorized.

  2. i love you, my goodness. like how? makes me think. made me feel and i'm laughing at the last part. i know my mom's number, mine and my dad's that's it. my mom can memorize any number! xx

  3. Preach it sister! But for real I am still in the process of memorizing my home phone. AINT' NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

  4. I like this! People are waaaaay too connected to the matrix.


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