s c t t r b r n d

I know.  Cats.  I just like cats.  And the Husband, given.  Not sure which gets pictured more often here.

Next weekend is our anniversary.  The Husband and I, not the cats.  One year of marriage and nearly two of being a romantic unit of sorts.  Feels like much longer for some reason that I can't explain.  I was always so terrified of marriage.  It seemed to me like such a nerve-wracking gamble with the potential to end up such a mess.  Which, I mean, I guess it still could, but we do what we can to avoid that.  Keep things happy.  Except I don't even like that word, so I'll say real.  We keep it real.

Like this guy:
"Cause I'm keepin it real!"


  1. I love cats too - the cats definitely get photographed a hundred times more than my boyfriend (especially our tabby). Your plans sound great and also I completely agree that a relationship is what you make of it.. keeping it real is what it's all about :) xxx

  2. Happy. Haha who knows, maybe youll end up liking that word because you've become a different person. But, hopefully you'll always be that Megan I fell in love with, who doesn't like happy. I miss laugh attacks over our feet.

  3. Yay!! Happy Anniversary :) You guys seem like such a cool couple.

    I love cats too. But I'm not married. So I may turn in to a crazy lady. Oh well.

  4. keeping it real. that's an excellent way to describe it. i don't like the word happy either -- i get so sick of the pursuit of happiness. i'd rather be whole. real. i'd take content. happiness is just kind of fleeting.

    ps, happiest of anniversaries to you :)

  5. Craig and I also picked a popular week; ours is next week as well! Hope you have a great Anniversary!

  6. Ehehe, you never cease to make me chortle. ^_^

  7. "Next weekend is our anniversary. The Husband and I, not the cats." Your humor is seriously the best :) And I really want to see a movie in theaters now, too. The Great Gatsby seems....great. lol


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